We supply stoves from a wide range of leading manufacturers, inparticular being a main supplier and stockist of Clearview Stoves, STUV stoves, Jetmaster, Termatech, Stovax, Dovre Chesneys and Charnwood.

From traditional to contemporary, we offer a wide range of stoves to burn both wood and solid fuels.

Our range of stoves provide high energy heating for all fuel types and styles, many approved for use in smoke controlled areas. In the past, stoves contributed to air pollution, but now with a new clean generation of stoves, we can at least make a contribution towards cleaner air and energy conservation by burning wood in a highly efficient stove. When trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen, that is essential for our planet’s survival. Whether wood is burned as fuel or left to decay in the forest, it will release the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We use clean burn technology to maximise the efficient use of energy to minimize the effect on the environment.

We offer full installation, from our complimentary site visit to completion, by our in house experienced HETAS certified installers. We can undertake all building work and the installation of necessary flue components including stainless steel twin wall insulated flue; for homes without a class one chimney, and flexible liners in existing aged chimneys.

Remember burning dry logs reduces the maintenance of the stove and substantially increases the longevity of the flue system.

We highly recommend the use of kiln dried wood:

  • More heat output
  • Easier to light
  • Eco – friendly and green
  • Better for your chimney

We have wood moisture meters available for purchase, the only way to check the moisture levels of your logs.